Ah superintendent Chalmers, I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable Smash Ultimate level


Good lord what is happening in there

I’ve said this before, but the “Steamed Hams” sketch was always one of my wife and I’s favorite Simpsons moments before the memes began. The deadpan like “yeeeees,” is a big go-to for us, as are many great lines like “an unforgettable luncheon.”

That’s why this scene hasn’t gotten old for me yet, in spite of myriad takes like a Solid Snake codec call, aGuitar Hero song, and yes, this Smash Ultimate custom level featuring Skinner and Chalmers in the digital flesh.

It really is incredible what people have done with the level creation tool so far. They’ve managed to fill in the gaps for missing Ultimatelevels like Poke Floats and re-create iconic moments in Smashhistory. To think that this mode is in and we’re still getting four more premium stages as a result of the remaining spots on the Fighters Pass.

Yeah, I’ll be playing Ultimatefor a long time.

i’m so sorry i’ve brought this upon you all pic.twitter.com/DtPw5EnuRi

— 💙 rick 💙 (9 days) (@HandsOnHall) April 18, 2019