All Overwatch progression and cosmetics come forward to Overwatch 2


‘All progress matters’

Blizzard announced Overwatch 2as expected, formally lifting the veil on one of the worst-kept secrets of the past few months. But what does that mean for people who poured countless hours into the original Overwatch? How will they be affected apart from having a sequel on the horizon?

Overwatchdirector Jeff Kaplan took the last few minutes of the BlizzCon keynote to elaborate on how Blizzard’s approaching migration from Overwatchinto Overwatch 2. Kaplan explains that [Blizzard’s] trying to redefine what a sequel means.” Overwatch 2will be a “shared multiplayer experience,” meaning everyone own the first Overwatchwill have access to the same maps and heroes as the people who buy the sequel.

Further, Kaplan confirmed that all progression and cosmetics will move forward with players into Overwatch 2. All those seasonal skins that you grinded for will be yours to keep in the sequel. As Kaplan put it “All progress matters, no one’s getting left behind. We worked so hard to build this community of over 50 million players; the last thing we would ever do is to [split the community].”