Amazon has one of the best Xbox One bundles we've seen yet


What would Grohl do?

Amazon isn’t offering one of the lowest prices we’ve seen on an Xbox One bundle, but it might have the most packed in. This Assassin’s Creed console bundle comes with the standard Assassin’s Creed Unityand Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but it also ships with a copy of NBA 2K15and a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

While that sounds okay, there’s a bit of subtext that’s easy to overlook. That Xbox Live Gold subscription will net you an additional 12 free games through the Games with Gold program (and even more if you have an Xbox 360 too). For those keeping score at home, that’s an Xbox One and 15 free games for $349.99. Seems like a good start to owning Microsoft’s big black box.

Here’s the link to the Xbox One bundle along with some other videogame sales: