Animal Crossing works a little too well as a horror movie


Pietro. It had to be Pietro.

Much like its predecessors, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game about forming friendships, but there’s a sinister undercurrent below the cheerful surface – darkness lurks in every community. Once you catch a glimpse, you can never look at your neighbors the same way. Act natural. They’re listening.

YouTube creator Evil Imp took the well-established “Animal Crossing is deeply unsettling if you think about it” concept and ran wild with it. They imagined New Horizons as a horror movie by stitching together spooky scenes to make a cohesive, convincing trailer. The premise: “A young woman escapes to her dream island. But what begins as a perfect paradise quickly spirals into an endless nightmare.”

This is one of my favorite creations to come out of the fandom so far, and that’s saying something. Evil Imp’s Purgatory island tour is equally entertaining if you’re looking for morbid design inspiration.