Japanese households offered Super Famicoms to encourage kids to stay home


Scheme sees classic consoles donated to 100 families

[Photo credit: Japan Retro Gaming Association]

Japan is currently in a State of Emergency. With no end currently in sight for the ongoing COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, some young children are getting understandably restless at being kept indoors all day, every day. But the Japan Retro Gaming Association is trying to help ease the boredom felt by youngsters with a dose of old-school gaming goodness.

JARGA has refurbished 100 beat-up Super Famicom consoles, and has been donating them to households across the country to help keep the little ‘uns occupied. Provided the house has a child under the age of 16, and is willing to cover shipping costs, then JARGA will send out a Super Famicom, along with a selection of loose carts, free of charge.

It’s a simple but wonderful idea, and not only provides less well-off parents and their children with a little bit of joy and entertainment in some difficult times, but it also gives these aging units a new lease of life, whereas many would leave them for scrap. Good work JARGA, and bless the indestructible SNES.

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