Another World is being remade for Switch


You buyin’ again?

Another Worldoriginally released more than 25 years ago, but it has been in the public consciousness a fair amount in recent years. A steady stream of anniversary re-releases and remakes have seen the iconic adventure game adapted for most major platforms. It’s about to add one more.

With the help of Dotemu, creator Eric Chahi is making anotherAnother Worldremake — this time for Nintendo Switch. Although it hasn’t been explicitly stated, we can probably expect it to contain most of the changes from the 2014 ports on PS4 and Xbox One. The announced features thus far are: the ability to toggle between original and high-def visuals, three difficulty modes, and support for five languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German).

Although just announced, it won’t be long before Another Worldon Switch is upon us. It’s currently set to launch sometime in Spring. It’ll come in a standard and collector’s edition, although the latter hasn’t yet been detailed. There also isn’t a price yet, but it’s going for $10 on Steam right now; that’s probably a good ballpark, but don’t be surprised if the infamous Switch tax hikes the cost up a bit.