Apex Legends for Switch will likely receive cross-progression, but not for some time


Sci-fi shooter hits Nintendo platform today

Today sees the release of EA’s futuristic battle royale title Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch, bringing all of the explosive action of the Respawn Entertainment developed shooter to the hybrid console. Players can dive straight into the action with a huge roster of “Legends”, a double XP event, and the option to play with the community-at-large, thanks to its optional cross-play capabilities.

But for those perhaps hoping on making a permanent transition from Apex Legends‘ current PC and console ports to the Switch, I’m afraid that you’ll have to start from scratch, as the new release does not support cross-progression – at least not in the immediate future. Speaking to Nintendo Life, Game director Chad Grenier spoke of his regret that the team cannot offer cross-progression at present, but noted that they are working hard to make it a possibility at some point down the line.

“It is planned, but I think we’re a ways out from being able to offer that,” Grenier candidly admitted. “I really want it as a gamer myself, so I hear what our fans are saying and I totally agree with them. We’re doing work to try to make that happen, it’s a complex challenge of multiple accounts existing for various users that we have to resolve or merge, there are legal and contractual things to navigate with purchasing on other platforms and having those carryover and also some technical challenges. So it’s not something we can just ‘turn on’, but we are working towards having it and the team is passionate about delivering it at some point.”

It’s been a long road to Nintendo Switch for Apex Legends, which first launched on PS4, PC, and Xbox One in February 2019. But having finally overcome several hurdles and delays – as well as being further hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic – the sci-fi shooter is now ready to blast off in handheld form, allowing a new community of players the opportunity to drop into Kings Canyon for chaotic looter-shooter action.