The Magnificent Trufflepigs is an adventure game with 'laid-back metal detecting'


Featuring Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill

The Magnificent Trufflepigs is a walking, talking, metal-detecting narrative adventure game from the lead designer of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Doesn’t that sound cozy? As someone who just yesterday tossed on this background-noise video of cows grazing in the mountainside, I’d say so!

The upcoming game – a collaboration between Andrew Crawshaw’s new studio Thunkd and publisher AMC Games – will set you loose on an English farm with a metal detector and a walkie-talkie.

You’re looking for a long-lost earring, a sort of “local treasure,” before the farm is taken over by an energy company. Playing as Adam (voiced by Arthur Darvill), you’ll chat with Beth (Luci Fish), who found the first half of the pair years back and hopes to feel a “childhood sense of adventure” again.

Beyond the easygoing premise, there are hints that this seemingly simple task might spiral out of control by the end. It’s tough not to point to Firewatch even if the comparisons are probably surface-level, but either way, there’s plenty of room for more games in the conversing-in-nature space.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in early summer 2021.