Apex Legends will be testing out cross-play next week


The Battle just got even… more… Royale?

The explosive sci-fi world of Apex Legends is getting set to open the doors to a helluva lot more wannabe Legends, as developer Respawn Entertainment has announced that it will be launching its cross-play beta on Tuesday, October 6.

The new feature will allow battle royalers (royalty?) on PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms to all thrown down on the World’s Edge. Players will be able to add or invite their friends on other platforms, before dropping in for a bout of bombastic action. It should be noted that, due to the mouse-and-keyboard advantage, PC and console players will automatically be kept separate when searching for games, but PC players can invite willing console players into the PC pool.

As a beta, it should be noted that connectivity and stability may be a little shaky. This is more an experiment by Respawn to see the mechanic in a real-world environment, allowing them to gather data, test servers, and iron out bugs, ahead of the feature’s official implementation. The addition of cross-play is rarely ever a bad thing, expanding the player base and helping to secure a longer lifespan for the title in question.

As you can see in the new trailer above, Apex Legends is also preparing for the launch of its new “Flashpoint” event. This limited-time mode will remove all healing items from the map, and will instead replace them with regenerative points dotted around the map, but with everyone headed there to heal up, these waypoints are sure to be hotly-contested areas. It’s kind of like Quasar… You remember Quasar?… Just me?… Never mind.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.