Arcade classic Shinobi hits Nintendo Switch via Sega Ages


In 30 years I don’t think I’ve ever won the bonus stage

The Sega Ages range continues with its efforts to reintroduce classic Sega arcades to modern audiences. This week sees the return of side-scrolling action title Shinobi, now available to download on Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Released back in 1987, Shinobi is the tale of masterful young ninja Joe Musashi, who must rescue his kidnapped students from the evil clutches of terrorist organisation ZEED. Musashi must pick his way through five multi-stage missions, defeating heavily-armed militia with his martial arts skills and endless supply of shuriken. Today, Shinobi remains an excellent game and an extraordinary challenge, relying on quick reflexes and efficient negotiation of each missions multi-plane stages.

This Sega Ages release features the original title in its arcade format, along with a boosted “Ages” edition which affords Musashi more damage and health. Also included are a “Rewind” feature, several display options, and support for HD Rumble. For the Shinobi elite, a new “Melee” button allows you to attempt each stage without the use of shurikens. I can’t even imagine.

Sega Ages Shinobi is available to download on Nintendo Switch in Japan, priced at ¥999.