Arcana Heart developer suspending operations, but games and support expected to continue


Don’t lose heart just yet

In a sudden bit of news, Japanese game studio Examu – best known for the niche-but-great anime fighter Arcana Heart – has announced that it will be suspending all of its business operations at the end of February.

Examu – formerly Yuki Enterprise – has been in business for 13 years, during which time it has produced arcade releases such as Samurai Shodown V and Million Arthur while overseeing the production of the Arcana Heart series for both arcade and home formats. Thanking fans for their continued support, Examu cites a changing environment and declining business as the reason behind its suspension.

While this is worrying news for fans of the Arcana Heart series, it should be noted that support of the franchise is set to continue for the time being, with all planned development and business inquiries now falling to Team Arcana. This was later confirmed by the team on Twitter.

The most recent home release, Arcana Heart 3: Love MAX Six Stars!!!! was published for PC by Arc System Works in 2017.

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