Are you buying the new Xbox One?


Podtoid 365, one for every day of the year

This is Podtoid 365, which means if you had the entire back catalog, you could listen to one episode every day for an entire year. We didn’t do anything special for that, but that won’t stop me from pointing out the next arbitrary milestone we hit. Probably at 369 [Damn she fine -Ed.], because it will make me hum Schoolhouse Rock! to myself.

Microsoft just released the specs (but, vitally, not the price) of its new Xbox One model, the souped up “Project Scorpio,” so we took a moment to catalog the cast’s interest in buying a new Xbox. We also talked about a few video games, like Snake Pass and Destiny‘s Age of Triumph event, but mostly we talked about volcanoes, ballistics, car chases, and group sex. We rounded it out with an extended listener question section, a pretty good SATPOTPAQ, and a Hot Dish focused on bad Metacritic user reviews.

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