Are you okay with 15GB patches for console games?


They’re no longer stress-free machines

Remember the retro days where console games worked, and they couldn’t be patched (and subsequently fixed?). Yep, I do, but I was also a PC gamer during that same time period — I had the good fortune of meeting friends from all sides of the industry, from hardcore Sega and Nintendo fans to LAN enthusiasts.

The fact is, consoles have slowly evolved into mini-PCs, and that concept couldn’t be any clearer when you read headlines like this one. The Witcher 3is already 50GB in size when installed on consoles (which is mandatory now), then you have another 15GB patch, and the upcoming two DLCs. If you have a stock HDD, that’s over 10% of your space right there for one game.

This is less of an issue on my end. Since I grew up with PCs, I have the natural tendency to want to upgrade hardware. My Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U all have higher capacity HDDs, so I don’t really have space issues at the moment. But for everyone else who just wants to relax and game, I want to hear your thoughts.

With titles pushing the 40GB limit more and more these days, is a 15GB patch too much?