Are you online enough to remember all these Nintendo controversies?


The internet never forgets

“Did you know” this week can easily be replaced by “Can you remember?” It’s a list of Nintendo’s semi-recent blunders and missteps, and they’re all the sort of things that this blog has probably covered at some point. It’s just a matter of whether you’re online enough to recall them all.

Did You Know Gaming tackles Nintendo controversies in its latest video. As the intro disclaimer clarifies, this isn’t about games that are simply bad. It’s about happenings where you’re left to wonder aloud “My god, how did Nintendo screw that up so bad?!?”

I’ll admit that I had about a 50 percent hit rate on these topics. For instance, I don’t remember the Animal Crossingthing but I definitely remember the Tomodachi Lifecontroversy. Too much stuff happens every single day. I feel like saving brain space for half of these is pretty good on my part!