Ark: Survival Evolved hits two million sales


Open the door, get on the floor…

Ark: Survival Evolved has been a bit of a runaway success. Adding dinosaurs to normal survival game mechanics obviously appealed to a lot of people.

So many people, in fact, that developer Studio Wildcard has announced on its reddit AMA (ask me anything) that it has just passed two million sales since the launch in June.

That’s a lot of sales for an early access game and goes to show that if you provide regular updates and are communicative with your community, people might just buy your game.

I personally wasn’t all that impressed by what I played of Ark. It still doesn’t break away from your normal punch-wood-get-tool survival games enough for me. That said, the way the developer has handled being in early access has been incredibly impressive and makes me feel like they probably earned all of those sales.

It’s currently available in early access via Steam (and at the time of writing is 33% off), with a PS4 and Xbox One release coming in June next year.