Ashen has a cool take on action-RPG multiplayer


Other players will look like your quest givers

Ashen, an upcoming action-RPG from Aurora44 and Annapurna Interactive, has an intriguing take on “passive” multiplayer. While you’re out adventuring, you might bump into another player — but they’ll appear to you as a relevant NPC regardless of that player’s actual gear or customization choices.

“We really want players to focus on the personalities and stories of these quest givers,” noted the studio in this narrated footage from gamescom. “When there’s no multiplayer connection to be found, an AI actually takes over these quest givers and the experience stays the same.”

This is my first time seeing Ashen since last year and it seems noticeably more refined, just as I’d hoped. Other takeaways: it’s satisfying as hell to see footage of a Souls-like game where the player has massive health and stamina bars, and the ability to throw a spear to teleport looks dope.

Ashen is planned for PC and Xbox One this year. I’m planning to check it out this weekend at PAX.