Astral Chain director pleased with sales that 'surpassed expectations'


Run! It’s Five-O!

PlatinumGames’ dystopian anime adventure Astral Chain might not have been at the top of many shopping lists when 2019 started, but succeeded in creating quite a buzz in the months up to its release, eventually having a successful launching and even making it to the top of the UK Charts.

Speaking in a new interview with Famitsu, Game Director Takahisa Taura said that the team at PlatinumGames was very happy with the sales figures, which surpassed their initial expectations. Although the numbers themselves weren’t actually revealed, Astral Chain shifted almost 50,000 units in Japan alone within its first three weeks and, as word of mouth spread in the west, more and more players took a chance on the chaotic action game.

Although obviously this is no confirmation of anything, the financial success of the brand new IP might go some way toward guaranteeing a sequel, so fans should make sure they should keep their Legions tethered and ready for action, just in case we get the opportunity to revisit The Ark in future.

Astral Chain is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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