Atari VCS pre-sale rakes in over two million dollars from 7000 backers


People ready for that Yar’s Revenge action

Yesterday, Atari Inc. announced that pre-sales were open for their new hardware, the Atari VCS, with the “retro-styled” new box pulling in an impressive opening volley of numbers.

Within the first couple of hours, the VCS already had around 5000 backers, paying some 1.6 million dollars for the Atari VCS Day One Edition, the Atari Onyx, and various peripheral packages. The Indiegogo site started to crack under the pressure, causing Atari to take to twitter to assure fans to stick around while the servers coped with traffic.

As of this writing, just under 8000 backers have amassed a very impressive $2,085,000 USD in support of the new device, which runs on Linux and is considered a “sandbox” platform by the developer. Considering there remains a month left in the crowdfunding period, with an initial goal of $100,000, it looks like the Atari VCS is very much a go.

The VCS is available in two forms: The wood-paneled Atari VCS Day One Collector’s Edition, which is exclusive to Indiegogo, for a limited time only, at $299 USD. Also available is the sleek Atari Onyx, designed in black and red and priced at $199 USD. If you wish to pre-purchase a unit yourself, or just want to check out more information, then you can do so at the official Indiegogo page.

The Atari VCS is scheduled to launch mid-2019.