Atomic Heart is shaping up nicely for PS5 and Xbox Series X


Here’s a melee combat demonstration and a mini-boss

Atomic Heart looks like more of a tangible game than ever in this “next-gen gameplay” trailer.

The seven-minute slice of footage shows the protagonist exploring and smashing his way through a futuristic complex that’s seen better days. Weird creatures, weird androids, and a weird mini-boss named Plyush – yep, this is Atomic Heart. It hasn’t lost that sense of intrigue from the early teasers.

At a certain point in the video – definitely by the time the boss materializes – you’ll wonder why the music sounds so good. It’s none other than Mick Gordon (Wolfenstein, Doom, countless others).

Beyond the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions, Mundfish is also committing to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. For a long time, Atomic Heart relied on its visuals and theme, which were strong enough to captivate players and get their imaginations going but not necessarily enough to anchor a full game.

Interested as is? Need more convincing? Either way, there’s no release date yet.