Australia is letting kids design a real park in Minecraft


Look out for giant sky stairs to nowhere Australia

South Australia’s state government today announced that it’s going to allow children aged as young as nine to design alterations to a real life national park in Minecraft. Yes, you heard me right, nine-year-olds with Minecraft will be able to have a say in how a national park is updated. This can only go well.

The winning designs from upper primary school students will apparently influence the spending of a $10 million AUS national park budget. I wonder how much infinitely high staircases to nowhere cost. What about a ten mile high sculpture of a butt?

The organisers of this competition have optimistically noted that they hope children will help design new routes for walking paths through the woods and locations for picnic areas. I think that’s a lofty goal for a group of school children given the chance to play Minecraft in class.

“The parks they design as part of this competition might include trails for bushwalking, mountain biking or horse riding, barbecue and picnic areas, public toilets, wheelchair accessible areas, campgrounds, scenic lookouts, adventure playgrounds, interpretive trails, places to launch canoes – or something completely different,” said Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter.

“Whatever they create on the screen needs to be able to be translated into the real world.”

Yeah, let’s see how that goes for you.