Axiom Verge gets new release date for Nintendo Switch


Trippy retro platformer arriving soon

2015’s critically acclaimed platform-adventure Axiom Verge will now be available to purchase for Nintendo Switch on October 5.

The metroidvania, which tells the tale of a scientist lost in a bizarre world after a laboratory accident, pleased critics and fans alike with its nostalgic visuals, array of weaponry, exploratory elements and ethereal soundtrack. The game also features an ingenious use of graphical glitches to provide the character with access to hidden areas, and to gain an upper hand in battle.

Having already seen release on most major formats over the last two years, it is a title seemingly custom-designed for Nintendo’s semi-portable console. This new date pulls the game forward a couple of weeks from its original release, planned for October 17.

Axiom Verge will now be available on eShop on October 5, priced at $20. A physical release; Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition will be available in November, and can be pre-ordered here.