Axiom Verge Wii U port 'has the edge'


A prequel or sequel may come next

Game developer Tom Happ first started working on the Metroid-inspired action/exploration game Axiom Verge back on 2010. Six years later, and the game is about to be released on Nintendo’s current home console, going head-to-head for the attention of Metroid fans against Nintendo’s upcomingMetroid Prime: Federation Force, and coming out on top in the eyes of many.

We talked with Tom about that, the game’s steady success in the sales department, how the Wii U GamePad will make the experience a little breezier thanks to features like Off-TV play, map display and touch screen item management, and a lot more. After he worked on the game for so long, I was surprised to hear Tom’s next game will most likely be aAxiom Vergeprequel or sequel. He’s clearly committed to the world he’s created, and loves the genre enough to stick with it, at least a little while longer.