Babylon's Fall dates second closed beta for mid-September


Feedback received from previous beta period

It’s time to get your fighting fantasy kick on once more, as publisher Square Enix has announced a new run of dates for the Babylon’s Fall closed beta. Developer PlatinumGames has released an in-depth feedback report, packed out with info pertaining to the player base’s experience to date, along with the studio’s plans to improve various aspects of the multiplayer adventure.

Among a huge laundry list of thoughts and responses, perhaps one of the most interesting is that players did not find Babylon’s Fall‘s gameplay to be particularly exciting, with a deliberate pace that some players felt makes the title slow and lacking in exhilaration. To this end, PlatinumGames is looking to revise the animation of Babylon’s Fall characters, hoping to make combat a speedy and more engaging affair.

Additionally, while Babylon’s Fall takes great pride in its unique “painted” aesthetic, it seems that a lot of players have complained that they found the naturally stylized nature of the world impeded visual clarity and was a source of frustration. Platinum has suggested that it will attempt to find a compromise, making the visual action clearer and easy-to-follow while simultaneously maintaining Babylon’s Fall‘s distinct identity and aesthetic.

These are just two examples from a huge host of features that PlatinumGames is hoping to adjust. Other topics covered by the report include server waiting times, U.I. bugs, character controls, and more. You can read the full report right here.

In regards to Phase 2 of the Babylon’s Fall closed beta, the servers will reopen in Japan on September 10 (19:30-22:00 JST), North America on September 11 (19:30-22:00 PT / 22:30-01:00 ET) and Europe September 13 (19:30-22:00 BST). As for the full game, Babylon’s Fall is currently in development for PlayStation and PC platforms and is yet to receive a release date.