Back 4 Blood opens its Tunnels of Terror DLC on April 12


Going Deeper Underground

Warner Bros. Interactive and Turtle Rock Studios have released a blood-pumping trailer for the first major DLC update to zombie-popper Back 4 Blood, the Tunnels of Terror update, which will launch on all platforms April 12 and bring with it new Cleaners, new weapons, a new difficulty setting, and more.

Tunnels of Terror will welcome two new Cleaners to the misfit roster of monster mashers. First up is former firefighter Sharice, who will be bringing her survival instincts and trusty fire-axe to the battlefield. Sharice is accompanied by skilled chef and restauranter Heng, who is more than ready to start slicing ‘n’ dicing some rotten flesh, courtesy of his exemplary and award-winning knife skills.

Sharice, Heng, and the rest of the Back 4 Blood gang will be able to sharpen their skills in a brand new DLC mode, “Ridden Hives,” where teams of up to four players can explore the subterranean landscape beneath the apocalyptic ‘berg of Evansborough. Beware, as these tunnels play host to a part of dangerous new Ridden, including the heavy-damage Rippers, the mine-laying Urchins, and the agile Warped.

Fortunately, with seven new legendary weapons, some new ability cards, and an array of character and weapon skins, you and your pals should be able to carve your way through the opposition (and look good while doing so). For those who have already mastered the ways of Back 4 Blood, the new difficulty setting “No Hope” should provide you with a challenge worthy of your skills. Send More Paramedics.

Back 4 Blood is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms, Tunnels of Terror is available from April 12.