The House of the Dead: Remake spotted on PS4 database


Remake rising on Sony platforms?

Eagle-eyed Reddit users are reporting that Forever Entertainment’s upcoming remake of Sega arcade classic The House of the Dead has been spotted lurking about the PlayStation PS4 database. The rail shooter’s resurrection is (currently) only scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch tomorrow, April 7.

As posted by Redditor “the_andshrew”, the splash art for The House of the Dead: Remake can be found tucked away on the PlayStation Network backend, identified by its official Title ID: CUSA29479_00. This is the first major hint that the gooey lightgun blaster will come stumbling from its grave and onto platforms other than Switch. As of this writing, neither PlayStation nor Forever Entertainment have offered comment on the supposed leak.

The House of the Dead: Remake is a ground-up rebuild of Sega’s 1998 arcade smash hit, which sees two special agents, Rogan and G, infiltrate the mansion of the maniacal Dr. Curien, determined to put an end to the terrifying and apocalyptic bio-experiments performed within its walls. The remake will feature a faithful recreation of the original game in all of its gory glory, boosted with the addition of new weaponry, unlockable galleries, a new “Horde” mode, and Photo Mode capabilities.

The House of the Dead: Remake launches on Nintendo Switch April 7.