This high-res Elden Ring map was a labor of love


Painstakingly stitched together and perfect for double-checking your Sites of Grace

You’ve probably seen the decked-out interactive Elden Ring map on Map Genie, and it can be useful on a super granular level when the time comes, but there’s also a place for a simple no-nonsense version, too. At the very least, I’m personally getting a lot out of this high-res Elden Ring map that was stitched together by Reddit user Eziolambo.

To put it in perspective, Elden Ring “only shows 1600×700 pixels of usable image on [the] map screen,” so they “had to take 80+ screenshots and combine them side by side.”

Even still, the effort was “totally worth it,” according to Eziolambo.

**Spoilers below**

***No really, one of the best bits of Elden Ring is uncovering the map for yourself.***

****You GOOD?****

High quality Elden Ring map. All grace sites. [6509×6809] [JPG] [7MB] from Eldenring

I hope you aren’t inadvertently reading this article prematurely — as in, thinking you were “near the end,” so you wouldn’t be ruining much by glancing. That would be easy to do!

The most fun I’ve had filling in a world map

One of the greatest parts of Elden Ring is the way its full map sneakily unfurls piece by piece until it all suddenly clicks. I’m still wrapping my head around the clever way From doles out map fragments. They add just enough detail to the world to keep you guessing.

For some players, it’s a revelation to learn that the Lands Between sprawl out far beyond Limgrave, Caelid, and Liurnia. I mean, heck, I had more or less fully explored Caelid before even *realizing* Liurnia existed. The map design blew my mind several more times with far-off zones like the Altus Plateau, Crumbling Farum Azula, and Consecrated Snowfield.

A decade later, it’s hard to replicate the magic trick that is Dark Souls‘ impossibly interconnected world. Still, From Software really went for it again in Elden Ring, and that effort was not wasted. This is the good stuff — ample fuel for an explorer’s imagination.

On that note, yes, Elden Ring‘s distinct underground areas (which were shocking in their own right) aren’t represented on this world map image. That said, Eziolambo has since uploaded a high-res “underground version” as well. What a tarnished guy!

If you’re anything like me and you’re struggling to fill the Elden Ring-sized hole in your heart now that the journey’s over, might I recommend this five-hour Dark Souls trilogy video essay from Noah Caldwell-Gervais? I’m chipping away at it, and it’s mending me.

[Image Credit: DAR’C]