Bake 'n Switch is another cooking action game to keep an eye on



I’m way too predictable with the games I cover, but I have no regrets. Bake ‘n Switch looks super cute! It’s a competitive and cooperative cooking action game about tossing dough around the battlefield.

The developers used a lot of good baking puns on the Steam page, but maybe you can up the ante.

There’s slightly more of a story here than a cursory glance might suggest. The Scourge is sweeping the land, and in order to call on the Guardians who can help you fight back, you’ll need to bake – and sacrifice! adorable yet delicious dough creatures. Bake ‘n Switch is all about combining these critters, using power-ups, and being mindful of stage obstacles to maximize your high-score potential.

It’s going to be something of a wait for hopeful console players, as Bake ‘n Switch is coming to Steam Early Access first and foremost. That said, Streamline Games is only anticipating a three-month Early Access cycle, with the full PC version potentially arriving by September if all goes well on the player feedback front. The team’s end goal is to offer 45 co-op levels, 12 PvP levels, and three boss levels.

I’m not a plush-toy kinda guy, but I need a dough critter plushie in my life.