Batman: Arkham Collection steelbook for PS4 and Xbox One coming in September


The Dark Knight Returns… again

There has to be some form of undiscovered civilisation out there that doesn’t own Rocksteady’s iconic Batman: Arkham trilogy yet, as it appears Warner Bros. are giving the magnum opus yet another release.

Online retailer Amazon uploaded (and then removed) a listing for steelbook release of Batman: Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition, featuring the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum, the critically-acclaimed Batman: Arkham City, and the visually incredible but somewhat weaker Batman: Arkham Knight. As is always the case, Warner Bros. Montreal’s prequel Batman: Arkham Origins isn’t getting a look-in. This morning, Rocksteady confirmed the steelbook for release.

Given that the casing is a major selling point of this re-release, one would assume that the three games will be featured on a physical disc, rather than just be digital downloads. All three titles will include their post-release content, with the PS4 edition bagging a seemingly exclusive “Earth to Dark Knight” skin for Arkham Knight.

According to the listing Batman: Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition will launch for PS4 and Xbox One September 6 for around £40/$50.

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