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[Band of Bloggers is back this month with something to celebrate the release of Bloodborne. Don’t just enjoy yourselves some Souls games all throughout the month of April but anything on the From Software discography! Just be sure to play a game that’s by From Software throughout April and come back to start a blog about it! -Striderhoang]

What is up, everybody? Band of Bloggers is back once again, this time hosted by yours truly! What is Band of Bloggers, you might say? Conjured up by the minds of the fellows Fenriff and Scholary Gamer, it’s the “book club” of videogames: there’s one unified game or series that we should all play so we can discuss them together! You wouldn’t go to a book club without reading the book, right? So what will you be writing about this month?

Since last month saw the release of the big PlayStation 4 titleBloodborne, naturally a good topic would be about theSoulsseries. However, we wanted to be more broad this time around, so April’s topic is about anything from developer From Software. That means you could talk about theSoulsseries such as your favorite bosses… or you could talk about its other games. Have you piloted anArmored Core? Did you silently assassinate people inTenchu? Did you likeNinja Blade? Blog all about it!

Have you not played any of From Software’s works? You have the entire month, so plenty of time to remedy that! And remember, you don’t have to sing praises either! Did you not get into a title they made? Did you think something had good potential, or was a good game but wasn’t right for you? Feel free to talk about it!

Just make sure you come back at the end of the month, and start a blog titled “From Software, With Love: [your blog title here]” or “Band of Bloggers: [your blog title here]”. And make sure to select the Bloggers Wanted tag when you go to publish it!

At the start of next month, someone will recap all of the blogs to showcase them to others, and then the cycle will begin anew. Hope to see a lot of participants this go around!