Bandai Namco trademarks unknown 'Tales of Luminaria'


Don’t tell Tales

Eagle-eyed folk over at ResetEra have spotted a brand new trademark from publisher Bandai Namco, one that suggests the possibility of a brand new sequel in the legendary Tales series.

The trademark for “Tales of Luminaria” was quietly filed in Europe earlier this week, seemingly unrelated to any sequel/spin-off title previously acknowledged by the publisher. Of course, sometimes companies will file trademarks that ultimately amount to nothing, but “Luminaria” is a pretty specific term, so Tales fans should keep their ears pricked for a possible announcement. It should also be noted that the Tales series features multiple mobile entries.

The next mainline Tales games, Tales of Arise, is currently in development at Bandai Namco for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Originally scheduled for release in 2020, it has since been delayed to an undisclosed date due to the project’s “ambitious” nature.