Bandai Namco's Dark Souls looking Code Vein will have a stamina system, companions, emo vampires


Vampire life

Code Vein is in the peripheral at the moment for me. I’m to going all in on it just yet, as Bandai Namco has produced some alright hack and slash games in the past, but with Shift (God Eater) at the helm, it’ll probably turn out alright.

Regardless of how I feel Bandai Namco is sharing more info as we approach its 2018 release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, mostly as it pertains to the combat system. For one, the “Gift” mechanic is at the crux of combat, which basically work like perks, with a max of eight that can be equipped at a time.

Code Veinwill also sport a stamina gauge, a precision type attack called a Drain, and a focus system, which sounds like a Devil Trigger/Wrath of the Gods super that charges up as you’re hit or you dodge attacks. There’s also a partner/companion system and create-a-character mode.

It seems like it has all of the standard hack and slash fare, now we wait to see if it’s any good.