Batman: Arkham Collection Switch potentially leaked by leaky retailer


Traditionally, the collection includes three games

Batman: Arkham Collection Switch is potentially on the way, thanks to a new listing from a retailer who has leaked several other high-profile games.

As you may recall, back in 2018, the French retailer/distributor WT&T indirectly confirmed the existence of Witcher 3 on Switch. That same source is at it again, as it recently put up a listing for Batman: Arkham Collection, which is potentially due out on Nintendo Switch on August 31 of this year (if it’s not a placeholder). It seems like the perfect thing to announce at E3, then release a few months later. It’s also great ammunition for softening the blow if a major upcoming AAA game is delayed.

A reminder: the Arkham Collection is actually out on several platforms already (PC, PS3, Xbox), and consists of three games: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight (as well as “all post-launch content”). Yep, it gives us the main “Rocksteady trilogy” and skips over the prequel, Origins.

This is mostly believable, as Batman: Arkham Collection Switch isn’t a huge stretch. Isn’t it wild that Arkham City, but not Asylum or Knight, was released on a Nintendo platform (Wii U)? Origins too! This would mark the first time Asylum and Knight have been available on a Nintendo device.

Batman: Arkham Collection Switch