Batman: Arkham Knight $200 Batmobile edition canceled


‘Greatly compromised’ statue

Ugh, what is this, Batmantoid!? I just wrote about how the exclusivity of the retail-exclusive DLC expires a few months after release, but there’s one other Bat-thing to note, which is that WB has canceled the $200 edition with the “fully transformable Batmobile statue.”

A week before launch, too. And all because of mysterious, “unforseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality of the Batmobile.” Maybe a loopy factory worker started making all the Batmobiles look like cars out of Mad Max: Fury Road or lost too many fingers in the cockpits.

Shane M. sent in the below EB cancellation letter, and it seems to be the case all around. GAME’s offering a £20 discount on Batman Red Hood Edition.