Battlefield 1's test environment has come to consoles


But only for pass holders

Do you ever mess with the Public Test Realm in Blizzard games like Overwatch or WoW or drop by DICE’s Community Test Environment for a sneak peek at upcoming work-in-progress Battlefield content? It’s a fairly common practice for PC developers, but on consoles? Not so much.

As of this week, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users can participate too. DICE has brought the Community Test Environment to Battlefield 1 on consoles, and so long as you own the game and its Premium Pass, you’ll be able to download it in-game by clicking “More” on the main menu. You might need to clear up some storage, though. The CTE is its own, not-exactly-small thing. (I’m hearing 40GB.)

DICE says it’ll use this space for “testing and ensuring stability of Battlefield1updates, maps, and other content.” It’s a niche addition, to be sure, but I’m sure some folks will dig this.

Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One [Battlefield]