Battlefield V has an open beta in early September


War! What is it good for? Video games!

It’s not the first opportunity to play Battlefield V(that honor goes to the closed alpha), but it’ll be the most widely available. There’s a good ol’ try before you buy event for Battlefield Vthat’s open to everybody.

EA is holding an open beta for Battlefield Vduring the first week of September. It kicks off on September 6 and runs for “a limited time.” However, it’s available on September 4 for anyone who has pre-ordered the game, or subscribes to EA Access, Origin Access, or Origin Access Premier.

The beta contains Conquest mode on what EA calls the “soon-to-be-iconic Rotterdam map” (oh my goodness), Conquest and Grand Operations on the Arctic Fjord map, and a five-part Tides of War chapter. Tides of War is an “ever-evolving journey through [World War II] featuring a new narrative every few months.”

Then, you’ll have approximately a month to decide if Battlefield Vis to your tastes, as it launches on October 11. That’s somehow like six weeks away even though it feels six months away.

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