Battlefield V shows off its single-player stories


Oh hey, they got Mark Strong

For those of you picking up Battlefield V next month, are you going to bother with the single-player offering or are you heading straight into multiplayer like usual? Today’s trailer might change your mind.

Considering I liked Battlefield 1‘s campaign but never finished it, my future feels set in stone. The new WWII game is taking a similar approach with its appropriately-named single-player War Stories.

According to DICE, players will “resist German occupation in Norway, sabotage behind enemy lines as an unlikely English soldier in Under No Flag, fight for a home you’ve never seen in Tirailleur, and in The Last Tiger (available in December) join the crew of a Tiger I as they question why they fight.”

I am very down for a first-person skiing setpiece. That’s out-there enough for Battlefield to catch my interest. I’m also a fan of actor Mark Strong and think he’s well cast as the narrator of War Stories. Will I feel compelled to see every story through to its end, though? I’m not so sure. It’ll probably be fine.