Battlerite will exit Early Access and go free-to-play this November


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Stunlock Studios has found plenty of success on Steam Early Access with its arena brawler Battlerite, and before long, it’ll be time for the full launch. It’s set for November 8, 2017. In this specific case, exiting Early Access will also mean transitioning from a paid game to a free-to-play release.

Why buy now if it’ll just be free later? “By purchasing Early Access, you are granted instant-access to the game, all champions, and all future champions as well as a unique founder avatar and title,” according to Battlerite‘s Steam Early Access page. “This bundle will not be available at launch. It’s likely that the same amount of content will cost more once the game is released.”

The studio has also shared its roadmap. New champions and modes are unsurprisingly in the works, and beyond that, we’re looking at a refresh of the user interface, an overhaul of battlerites (you’ll select your loadout before the match and all rites will be active from the start), and holiday events.

In the more immediate future, Battlerite will hold a “free week” from September 25 through October 1, with a separate promotion knocking the full version down half price to ten bucks.

I’ve been slow to give this game a chance despite being intrigued by the concept of MOBA-like team fights without any extraneous stuff. Having it out of Early Access will do a lot to raise my interest.

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