Bayonetta in Smash almost raised the game's rating in Japan


‘Sexual exposure’

In her debut character trailer for Super Smash Bros. Bayonetta is said to “get wicked,” but apparently she was almost too wicked for Japan.

Sakurai recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming Smashcharacters with Famitsu, which includes the fact that Bayonetta almost single-handedly changed the game’s rating in Japan. If there’s a certain degree of sexual exposure, it wouldn’t manage an “A for all ages.” In the end they seemingly got it done though.

As for Corrin, Sakurai says what everyone is thinking and realizes that there too many Fire Emblem characters, but after a long deliberation from the staff, the character was added in anyway. Speaking about Cloud, he noted that it was tough to truly balance his power, but they gave him a few weaknesses like a low recovery rate to ensure that he wouldn’t be too strong.

Sakurai [Famitsu via Nintendo Everything]