Because of synergy, we now have 'Straw Hat Pikachu'


This rat is so beloved

Pokemon Goand One Pieceare teaming up. I can just imagine you explaining to your grandma, who still plays Pokemon Go, what Gum-Gum Fruit and Straw Hat Pirates are now.

The two powers that be are getting together due to theOne Piece Kumamoto Reconstruction Project, which is the series creator’s philanthropic endeavor to help support the Japanese city ofKumamoto. The result is a special Pikachu that you can capture from July 22 through July 29, which makes it the ::does a little math:: 1,000th special Pikachu in Pokemon Go. Both IP holders aretenuously linking the two by saying that it’s the 22nd anniversary ofOne Pieceand the third anniversary ofPokemon Go.

If you’re in Japan the promo is a bit cooler than everywhere else, as the game is getting special Oda illustrations and nine One PiecePokestops will temporarily appear in the Goworld.

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