Best Buy 'Black Friday in July' video game sales roundup


Still trying to make it a thing

Like last year, Best Buy is taking the Christmas-in-July idea to a new level with its next big sale. Tomorrow marks the retailer’s Black Friday in July sale and just like the real Black Friday, most of the deals have already started up the Thursday before. Once again, it’s an online-only sale, but unlike last year, the video game selection is much more promising.

Today, “My Best Buy” members are getting early access to tomorrow’s deals which will presumably be open to those too lazy to sign up for a free My Best Buy rewards account. Seriously, you ought to take the time to just sign up here.

What’s notable in the sale are console video games. Some of the best prices of the summer are popping up, including a rare chance to snag Wii U titles on the cheap.

Below we’ve listed all the best deals in the sale. The discounts are available today for My Best Buy Rewards members, and will seemingly open to the public tomorrow. We should also note that you can get an additional 20% off if you’re a paid Gamers Club Unlocked member.

Wii U Deals

PS4 and Xbox One Deals

PS4 Exclusives