Bethesda is still somehow being cagey about Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Switch


I want to see that NDA!

In a Polygon interview rife with info regarding the future of Bethesda and some of Todd Howard’s potential future projects, one thing stands out — we still know next to nothing about Skyrim on the Switch. When asked, Howard’s response is that he “can’t say” whether Skyrim will even be based on the remaster or the old version, which is pretty..not good as far as the future of third-party on the Switch goes.

I mean, Nintendo is known for heavy-handed NDAs — Nicalis was probably sick of waiting and unveiled half their Switch lineup before pulling it — but this is something else. You want to get people excited for the prospect of third-parties on your system, not shroud them in mystery until no one cares.

My guess is that it will be the special edition, but with no mod support. It’s something! But it’s not something I’m excited about or will pick up.

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