Cheapest Dishonored 2 in Intel and Bethesda PC games sale


More Bethesda title in your Steam library? Why not.

Its sales week over at Bethesda as the publisher is scattering their catalog of games at a discount across multiple retailers, with some PC titles hitting respectable pricing. The biggest deal of the bunch should be Dishonored 2, which has hit a new historic low price of $26.99. Mixing in with the Bethesda is also an “Intel Core i7-inside” sale, where select popular titles are discounted at GMG. We suspect as AMD’s Ryzen 7 gets introduced more to the market, Intel will continue with more marketing promotions like these to keep PC gamers in their ball court.

Noteworthy of the other group of Bethesda deals are Fallout 4 and Doom – both now $19.99 a piece for the Steam copy over at DLGamer. If you want the Season Pass, Fallout 4’s Season Pass is $30 at GMG, while Doom’s Season Pass is $24 at Bundle Stars.

While Bundle Stars pricing on their group of Bethesda titles are so-so at best, you can pick upThe Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited for a cheap $13, making it a potential springboard if you ever want to upgrade to the Morrowind expansion, releasing later this summer.

All the deals below are running through Monday the 27th at 9AM Pacific.

Bethesda Sale at DLGamer

  • Fallout 4 (Steam) — $19.99 (list price $60)
  • Doom (Steam) — $19.99 (list price $60)

Intel Sale at GMG

Bethesda Sale at Bundles Stars