Horizon Zero Dawn, Prey, and NieR get $25 pre-order bonus


Looks a lot like a good deal

If you’re on the fence about titles like Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, and NieR: Automata, maybe they’ll be worth picking up when the price drops? What if there was a bonus incentive that covered 42% of the $60 price tag?

It may be enough to sway some over, and that’s what Dell is doing on select pre-order and recently released 2017 titles. Indeed, the mostly-computer retailer is hawking select PS4 and Xbox One games with arguably the best offer on the market.

Dell Console Game Deals + $25 eGift Card

GMG PS4 Digital Deals

If you’re a Dell Advantage Rewards member (it’s free to sign-up at checkout) you’ll also receive free expedited shipping. In the case of pre-orders, the faster shipping means Dell will try to get you the game on or near its release date.

These offers are full price and more expensive than compared to getting a 20% discount with a paid Amazon Prime or Best Buy GCU membership. That said you pay nothing extra to get these deals from Dell, and the bonus gift card, if used to the fullest, effectively makes the above titles a $35 purchase. Not bad, Dell.

Update: If you doubt you’ll buy another PS4 title anytime soon at Dell and much rather just get the game ASAP versus waiting for shipping, GMG has both Horizon Zero Dawn along with Nioh for a quick 5% off on both the Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition. These are digital codes for the PSN copy of the game, straight from Sony.