Bethesda now has a special Doom rewards program called the 'Slayers Club'


It’s live now

Remember PlayStation Underground? Or more recently, Club Nintendo (RIP)? Fan clubs aren’t a new thing in the sphere of gaming by a long shot, but Bethesda is trying their hand at it like it’s 1993 with the Doom-oriented “Slayers Club.” The concept is simple, according to Bethesda: “Earn points, rank up, and win exclusive Doom prizes.”

The promotion is live now (you can sign up herewith your Bethesda account) and it’s actually pretty straightforward. You just muck around on the site or complete Doom(2016)challenges, earn “Slayer Points,” and spend them on stuff like skins for the upcoming Doom Eternal. There’s also a bunch of giveaways and random drawings involved.

Given Doom‘s revival just three short years ago it’s a wonder this didn’t come out sooner. Id Software has a lot of fans, both aging and new, so they’re one of the few studios that could pull off something like this. I signed up and poked around and it seems harmless enough, as it’s mostly being used to get people interested in playing Doomagain.

Enter the Year of Doom with the Slayers Club []