Bethesda teases Fallout 76's upcoming Ultima Online-esque player vending mechanic


Vending machines are coming

Come May 7 Patch 9 will be deployed in Fallout 76, and it’ll come with more bug fixes and some big, welcome changes. The standout is easily player vending machines, which will allow folks to use their C.A.M.P.s (home bases) as a way to sell goods for profit. It’s a very MMO-like concept that’s been used in games like Ultima Onlineand Aion.

To use it, you’ll basically just select stuff from your stash and choose the price: that’s it. You’ll see an icon next to items you have up for sale, and if the transaction goes through the game will take 10% off the top (read about gold sinks if you don’t play MMOs, it’s a pretty fascinating concept). A new legendary machine will also pop up that sells big-time items for “legendary scrips,” which are going to be a new endgame-like currency. You can find these machines at train stations. Display cases (which are more of a way to show off rare items in your C.A.M.P.) are on the way, but have been delayed until “a few weeks after Patch 9.”

Bethesda is also updating the player scoreboard for survival (PVP) mode to make it more clear who is on top, alongside of a “survival score” stat that crunches experience and player kills (you leech 75% of your quarry’s points), which resets after death. To help facilitate those kills plasma weapons are being buffed (a 30% base damage increase is nice).

All in all it’s a good patch!

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