Bethesda teases upcoming Fallout 76 changes, including the ever-popular weekly challenge model


The ninth patch comes in May

Weekly challenges have pretty much always been around, but since they started dominating headlines in Fortnite, nearly every online game has followed suit: Fallout 76is the next to fall in line as it buffs up its existing format.

Bethesda has announced by way of their blog that they are expanding the weekly challenge concept for Fallout 76, adding legendary weapon rewards in a bid to promote the now-live survival mode beta. As a reminder, survival is now the separate PVP mode that players choose after booting up the game (the base campaign is now called adventure mode).

These legendaries require tasks like claiming a workshop, building a turret at your C.A.M.P., and killing a “human-like” creature, which will in turn reward you with loot like the Resolute Veteran, a legendary gatling gun. A revolutionary sword, tesla rifle, harpoon gun, deathclaw gauntlet, and double-barrel shotgun are all teased for challenges running from May 7 to June 17.

Bethesda is also planning on rolling out major changes for adventure mode in “early May” when the ninth patch arrives. The big one is tuning down damage to your C.A.M.P. from hostile players to go along with the current rule of not taking hostile player (slap) damage while playing adventure. Another huge patch note will impact C.A.M.P. structures entirely, as you will only be required to place the first foundation on terrain, allowing you to build out without a stringent set of placement rules. In other words, C.A.M.P. (I hate typing that out) arrangements are going to get a lot more creative.

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