BioShock Infinite is mysteriously getting updates nine years after its release


Fans are in a frenzy trying to figure out why

Hype is mounting for the fourth BioShock game, which is currently in development, so fans have been eagerly on the lookout for any news about it. While we haven’t gotten any big updates on the sequel in a few months, BioShock Infinite is in the news because the PC version of the game has quietly received over a dozen updates over the course of the last month (thirteen, to be exact).

According to TheGamer, Infinite‘s new batch of patches started as recently as September of last year, even though the game just celebrated its ninth anniversary this past weekend. The game’s publisher, 2K, has also yet to speak publicly at all about the situation, which of course has led to all kinds of theories as to why they’ve returned to BioShock Infinite after all this time.

As expected, fan theories for why the updates are happening span from another re-master of the game (which I don’t think is entirely out of the question, considering the upgraded version from BioShock: The Collection is now six years old), an upgrade for the next generation, or even just some fixes to get Infinite in shape to be ported onto the Steam Deck.

Fans have been throwing their own theories around online, and Reddit users Lithebeep and Zorklis came to a conclusion that seems boring and reasonable enough to be the real answer: 2K is probably just performing maintenance on their game launcher, deduced from the inclusion of a “2K Developer Launch Branch” in one of the updates.

Is this mostly likely what’s really going on? Yes. Am I still going to hold out hope that 2K is pulling a fast one on us and updating the game with some really cool stuff? Also yes.

Hey, at least they’re giving us something to speculate about while we wait for any news on BioShock 4, right?