Black Desert Online launches March 3


For North America, Oceania, Europe*

Black Desert Online, the Korean MMO famed for its extravagant character creator, is launching in North America, Oceania, and some European regions on March 3, Daum Games announced today.

Until then, prospective players can download the title’s free standalone character creator, which allows users to import their handiwork into the main game and upcoming second beta test.

Speaking of which, that beta begins on February 18 and runs until February 22. For a chance to participate in the pre-release test you can registerhereor pre-order one of the premium packages, which run from $50 to $100 — as opposed to the $30 base game, for guaranteed access.

In case you’re wondering why Black Desert Online is only launching in some European territories on March 3, other countries including Ukraine, the Baltic States, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia, amongst others, are locked into the Russian servers, which along with the Korean and Japanese versions of the game are based around free-to-play schemes and have different publishers.