Blaster Master Zero titles will come gunning for Xbox in July


Tanks for the memories

Inti Creates has announced that it will be bringing the first two Blaster Master Zero titles to Xbox platforms next month, in preparation for the arrival of new release Blaster Master Zero III on July 29. The original 2017 release, Blaster Master Zero, will launch July 1, with 2019 sequel Blaster Master Zero II to follow on July 15. Both titles will retail for around $10 USD each.

Originally launched on the 3DS and Nintendo Switch, the Blaster Master Zero titles are old-school action-adventure titles that retain the aesthetic quality of retro gaming platforms such as the NES and the Super Nintendo, while being spruced up with modern mechanics, attractive anime artwork, and dramatic, character-driven storylines. Players control the G-SOPHIA tank as it travels through dangerous alien terrain, negotiating hazards, fighting off enemies, and exploring strange, colourful worlds in a series of missions that place both friends and the galaxy’s fortune at stake.

In Japan, Inti Creates will release a special edition titled Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: MetaFight Chronicle, which will include all three titles, all previously released DLC, and even newly recorded voiceovers for the first two titles in the series. Unfortunately, there is still no word of this edition being made available in western territories.

Blaster Master Zero launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S July 1, it will be followed by Blaster Master Zero II on July 15 and Blaster Master Zero III on July 29. Pre-order customers will receive a 20% discount on the first two titles.