Take a bloody new look at No More Heroes 3


We had to wait until the end of E3 to get more No More Heroes 3

Compared to years past, the Nintendo Treehouse Live stream following its highly celebrated Direct was a lowkey event this year. No surprise announcements, just some in-depth looks at a few of the games we’ll be playing over the next couple of weeks and months. We found out more about Metroid Dread, got a great look at the Advance Wars remakes, and saw some of the Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo that’ll be available for download later this month. If you watched the stream live, there’s actually a game that didn’t air with the rest of the titles. If I had to guess why it’s probably because the game is rated M for Mature. And dammit, it earns that rating.

Of course, I’m talking about No More Heroes 3. Following its E3 Treehouse stream, Nintendo dropped the below video onto its YouTube channel. Unfortunately, you have to actually go to YouTube to watch it thanks to the website’s dumb age-restriction rules. During the 20-minute hands-on, you’ll get a look at Travis’s expanded apartment, customization and upgrade options, DonMai Sushi, and a fight against Gold Joe, one of the new villains of the game. Be sure to watch through to the end for a special message from Suda51.

No More Heroes 3 launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 27.